Tina A. Kiernan

As a child, I was always sneezing and often ill. As a young adult, I contracted bronchitis and after 6 months and several failed rounds of antibiotics, I sought out alternative solutions to my health issues. The year was 1986; I was 21 years old and tired of being sick. My grandma, a health food advocate, recommended chiropractor Dr. Steven Silverman, so I thought, why not? I remember r eceiving my first adjustment – my system was so toxic that I felt slightly nauseous afterwards, but the moment I started using holistic medicines, my improvement was astounding – my body started to resolve the bronchitis on its own.

Since that time, Dr. Silverman has treated me and most of the members of my family. My three children had virtually antibiotic free childhoods thanks to Dr. Silverman’s expertise in applied kinesiology. I’ve lived through high stress situations, chronic fatigue, chronic yeast, divorce, single parenthood and multiple car accidents, and Dr. Silverman’s approach to health and well‐being has enabled me to live a good life even when my body was trying to do otherwise! I witnessed his skills as a chiropractor, applied kinesiologist and health care expert mature over time. I feel lucky to have had Dr. Silverman as a chiropractor in my life to help boost my immune system. His caring nature makes for an excellent experience in his office and his use of holistic medicines to heal the mind and body is extraordinary.

Several years ago I relocated to upstate NY, but I still make appointments when I’m on Long Island to see Dr. Silverman for his expertise. He has helped me identify toxins in my home and foods, detergents, soaps, shampoos and items that are toxic to me. He’s help me find nutritional supplements that uniquely support my complicated immune system. He gave me a greater understanding of the importance of eating organic and of avoiding foods which will knock my system out. In all, he is an excellent chiropractor and health care practitioner. I recommend him highly!

Tina A. Kiernan

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