Ruth Salmon

April, 2009

As young parents raising 4 children, I began questioning the quality of their doctors visits. Why were they having so many recurrent symptoms, and being prescribed the same medications over and over again? The question…Was there anything we could do to improve future outcomes? It took another 20 years for me to discover the answer to that question; I never gave up the search. One day the owner of our local health food store suggested I attend a seminar given by Dr. Steven Silverman. That was 22 years ago, since our first awe inspiring visit, and I haven’t stopped sharing the news of this remarkable approach to holistic medicine. Since that time our family of 8 adults and 1 grandchild has grown to number 26 in all, 16 of them being our grandchildren.

We will never forget the miraculous and dramatic results Dr. Silverman brought about in our babies, suffering from colic, ear infections, and toddlers who would become irritable for no apparent reason. It took only one visit to Dr. Silverman to find the answer! Once inside his treatment room, several of the many hundreds of bottles lining the shelves, would reveal the answer to our child’s distress. Sometimes, it could be a metal toxicity, or sensitivity to wheat, dyes, preservatives, etc. The added bonus for young parents was twofold – a happier; more comfortable child, and they were learning the benefits of preventive medicine. This knowledge also led the adults to apply these same principals of wellness, to their own personal healthy choices with greater clarity and understanding.

Just a few years ago, one of the younger grandchildren began having speech difficulties with fluency issues. Dr Silverman found a heavy metal toxicity that was affecting the brain, and prescribed a supplement to detox his body. At the same visit, he introduced high quality cod liver oil; – these essential fatty acids are needed for normal brain function. As Dr. Silverman placed a drop on his tongue, our grandchild happily announced “Dr. Silverman – you just made my whole head feel good” ….not a trace of the speech difficulties he came in with, just 1 hour before. He loves the orange flavor of the cod liver oil, and maintains fluency to this day.

There have been so many occasions over the past 22 years, when my family and I have been treated by Dr. Silverman, and come away feeling so grateful for the benefits of holistic medicine, and his very evident level of education and skill. Each and every visit is comprised of many components, finding the weaknesses in the whole body, and how all of these relate to the symptoms the patient is having. This approach allows a knowledgeable practitioner, the necessary information to prescribe the most effective supplements …. The results are always noteworthy. It didn’t take us long to discover the “priceless” gift to a life of greater health. Ignorance is not bliss.

We are called to make many choices over our lifetime. I urge you to consider learning more about what Dr. Silverman does that sets him apart from all the rest …. The ultimate level of skill, and his own uniquely personal and selfless attention to every detail of your visit, that will insure the desired effect he hopes to achieve for each of those entrusted to his care.

It is this understanding that will enable you to take the right actions. Hopefully, years later, you will look back and feel confident that you made a life changing decision, and you were the grateful recipient …. of its “just rewards!”

Ruth Salmon

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