Dina Fischbein

Several years ago, I began to suffer from a condition known as granuloma annulare. It is a chronic skin condition which causes bumps on the skin which eventually form a ring pattern. The bumps cause a tremendous amount of discomfort and itching. Although many cases involve only the hands and feet, I had an atypical form; lesions popped out on my scalp, behind my ears, on my stomach, my back, my arms and legs. My dermatologist, who was extremely kind and caring, did a biopsy, which indicated that the outbreaks were caused by some type of allergen. However, we were not able to determine what the allergen was.

The treatment offered was to have low-dose cortisone injections directly into the lesions. This was very effective in one way- the lesions disappeared almost immediately-but it did not prevent new lesions from continually reappearing. It is also not feasible to have so many cortisone injections — even low dose ones — so frequently. To make matters worse, because I am a sensitive person, I was beginning to experience headaches and severe fatigue within hours of being injected. This condition, with its constant itching, was ruining my life. The cortisone treatment was making me sick.

On top of all of this, I suddenly began to suffer from attacks of vertigo. Standard medical practitioners offered only various medications, which my body could not tolerate. I was desperate; I had to explore alternatives.

I consulted Dr. Silverman. Using kinesiology, he determined that my vertigo was caused by a reaction to mold. He made a home visit, and determined that there was an excess of mold in my bedroom. It turned out that my air conditioner had been leaking for months, and the sheet rock around the window was loaded with toxic black mold. The stuff is odorless, so if you can’t see it, you don’t know it’s there. I called in mold removal specialists who, wearing hazmat suits, opened the wall, removed the damaged sheetrock, and scrubbed several beams which had also been affected. The vertigo disappeared immediately.

To my surprise, the mold removal also improved my skin condition, but some lesions continued to appear. Dr. Silverman tested every food I ate, and every cleansing product and cosmetic I applied to my body. I was sensitive to quite a few of them and contact with any one of them triggered an outbreak of lesions. I also showed mercury and arsenic toxicity. Mercury, I learned to my dismay, is not only a problem in fish. Unfortunately, as a result of the growing pollution of our planet, many ordinary foods, as well as drinking water, can be contaminated with it. If I ingested something with mercury or arsenic in it, lesions asppeared.

I removed all the foods I was reactive to from my diet, and stopped using the harmful skin products. I also took the various nutritional remedies which Dr. Silverman gave me to detoxify my body. The skin lesions healed, and I have had no new outbreaks. Not only were my skin issues resolved, my general health improved, and my energy increased tremendously. I have a profound respect for kinesiology and the dramatic changes it can make.

Kinesiology testing has made major changes in my sons’ lives as well. My older son, who was plagued by excessive fatigue for years, always thought of himself as a very low energy person. When Dr. Silverman suggested that he remove wheat products from his diet, his energy quadrupled! He’s now able to work a ten-hour day and then go out dancing. He is thrilled!

My younger son, a physicist, was originally very skeptical of alternative approaches. He developed a skin condition on his neck, left arm, and left foot, which was diagnosed as psoriasis. The only solution he was offered was repeated applications of cortisone cream. After my experiences, I begged him to see Dr. Silverman. He humored me and made an appointment. On his first visit, Dr. Silverman determined that he was sensitive to lactose, which is found in dairy products. He was also sensitive to several wheat products and to oats. He altered his diet in accordance with Dr. Silverman’s suggestions. In two weeks his skin condition totally cleared. He is now a believer.

I share these anecdotal stories with you because many people are unaware that their medical conditions can be caused by sensitivities to the food they eat, to the products they use, even to pollutants in the air around them. It makes sense to look into alternatives, especially when standard medical practitioners say they can’t help. Alternative medicine has dramatically improved my son’s lives and my own, and I am so grateful that there are those out there that offer these services.

Dina Fischbein

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