B. Winkler

December 26, 2015

The first time I met Dr. Steven Silverman was on July 27, 2015. The reason I know the exact date was that it was my husband’s birthday. He was so worried about my health that all he wanted to do was find someone who could help me get out of pain. We both felt like we were at the end of our road regarding my health. On that particular day, I was so sick with sleep deprivation, migraine headaches, vertigo, fibromyalgia, and had this horrible feeling of inflammation all over my body. I wanted to go to the hospital, but we had already been that route many times, and all they had for me were drugs and more drugs and inconclusive blood tests and misdiagnoses. All the drugs ever did was to make me sicker and sicker. We had also been to what felt like every single holistic doctor on Long Island and New York City. I had sought thousands of dollar of treatments and hours of IV therapy, ozone, nutritional counseling, etc…and none of it ever worked. In fact, much of it was making me much worse.

I can’t even think of what would have happened to me and to my family if my husband hadn’t said, “I’m taking you to Dr. Silverman’s” that day in July. He found him just like you are now, by reading the testimonials on his web site. He read the words of people like me who were so sick they could barely sleep or eat or work or do much of anything normal and healthy people do when they first see him, and then the amazing turn around that happens within days and weeks of his treatment.

That’s where Dr. Silverman comes in.

He is a master detective when it comes to finding out what is going on with your body. For me, I learned that I had a very old and stubborn case of Lyme’s disease and other related viruses like Epstein Barr, Candida, etc.

Dr. Silverman is a diagnostic genius –part scientist, part artist. He uses applied kinesiology in combination with various remedies to help get you well—helping you eliminate everything you ingest, take or do that weakens your body and makes it impossible to fight illness. Interestingly enough, I had already been to doctors who used supplements and claimed they did applied kinesiology. I know now, that they were not doing either correctly, because none of their treatment ever worked or got me well. Not so, with Dr. Silverman.

Today I am virtually pain free. I am well. I am happy and energetic and living my life. I am sleeping and eating and exercising and working, all thanks to the dedication, knowledge, and compassion of Dr. Steven Silverman. My health issues were tough to deal with on many levels, and he never lost hope or made me feel like I was complaining or difficult. He just listened and got to work and kept finding new ways to help treat the stubborn issues that had plagued me for over twenty years.

We are so blessed to have someone like Dr. Silverman right here on Long Island. I would have traveled the world to find someone with his expertise and experience and track record of successful healing. My only regret is not finding him sooner. I could have spent so many more years feeling good, instead of suffering. I can’t think about that now. I am just so grateful to be moving forward. And now, as health things come up as they do from time to time, there is only ONE person I will go to see, and that person is Dr. Silverman.

My family has a new life now—my son has his mom back, and my husband has his wife. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Silverman, and also…to his sweet and beautiful wife, Lisa. She answered the phone on a busy Friday, and could hear the sadness in my husband’s voice and fit us in that very day. Thank you both for being who you are.

With gratitude and love,

Mrs. B.Winkler
B.A. Columbia University, 1984
Ed.M., Harvard University, 1989

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