Catherine Small

June, 2009

Ten years ago I contracted Lyme disease. Although I was treated with two courses of antibiotics I was still plagued with complications such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness and numbness in my head. Over the years I have been to several doctors, an infectious disease specialist, my primary care physician and a neurologist hoping that someone could help alleviate my symptoms.

The infectious disease specialist made me feel like an experiment by asking a lot of questions and not offering anything in return. My PCP told me there wasn’t anything he or any other doctor could do for me and suggested I take an anti-depressant. I didn’t. I knew that wasn’t the right course of treatment for me. It continues to amaze me just how little doctors know about Lyme disease and the devastating complications that can arise. Since my diagnosis, the doctors I sought for help have always made me feel very much alone especially when I complained about my head feeling numb. That was my absolute worst symptom.

I couldn’t imagine that my entire head could be numb. The numbness frightened me and made me somewhat anxious, knowing that I couldn’t go through life feeling like this. I also went to see a neurologist who ordered an MRI, EEG and a vision test. The test results came back fine at which time he wrote me a prescription for Xanax and told me to follow up in three months.

Feeling hopeless and depressed I searched the internet and found Dr. Silverman’s website. When I met him I knew he was different. I had finally found someone who understood me and took me seriously when I described my symptoms. He used kinesiology to locate my body’s weakness and provided me with holistic supplements to strengthen me. The treatment didn’t work right away but Dr. Silverman assured me that he could help me, I just needed to stick to the plan. He was right.

After a few short months I started feeling better, my dizziness went away as well as that awful numb feeling in my head. Now I go several times per year for maintenance visits. I am truly grateful to Dr. Silverman for everything that he has done for me. He’s the best!

Catherine Small

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