Lauren Grossman

Dear Dr. Silverman,

I’m writing this in appreciation of you.

I knew of you for many years, but waited until I was in such dire straits in August, 2006 to call for an appointment. I have been involved in the natural health field since 1978, and everything I knew was not working for me. Countless amounts of people have consulted with me over the years, seeking informa- tion on natural remedies and nutritional guidance. I consider myself to have a great deal of expertise and knowledge in the field of nutrition and in natural approaches to heal the body. Because I am in the alterna- tive health field I have had exposure to countless amounts of alternative and complementary health practi- tioners.

Since alternative medicine was no longer working for me, I had no choice but to seek out traditional medi- cal care. The conventional doctors I was seeing said my blood tests were great and nothing was wrong. Why was I burning up with pain – every joint and muscle on fire? I couldn’t live my life like this and was in extreme discomfort on a daily basis. I couldn’t accept this level of pain. It would be impossible to go through my daily routine like this.

I remember leaving your office after my first appointment thinking how unusual the experience was and that I would give it 3 months. With your nutritional guidance, kinesiology muscle testing and immense array of remedies I got amazing results in 10 days! As each month passed, the more “problems” which were handled, the more metals and sources of them that were removed, the more foods I dropped which tested problematic for me, the more I healed and the stronger I’ve become.

I have been exposed to many practitioners over the years that do some form of muscle testing or kinesiol- ogy. I have never had it done at the level and precision that you do it with. Utilizing your incredible knowl- edge base, vast array of remedies, your insight, intuition and experience, you were able to bring me to a level of health that I did not think possible. Although I only see you two or three times a year, I no longer fear pain, knowing that you can instantly make me better.

Now in 2009, my entire system is different. I fight off viruses and allergic reactions successfully, I have energy and sound sleep and I don’t have to diet. And most of all I don’t suffer with pain. You have changed my life!

Words cannot express the respect and gratitude I hold for you.

Lauren Grossman
Value Nutrition
Bethpage, NY 11714

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