As springtime approaches, it’s a wonderful time to see the leaves begin to appear, flowers bloom and the new season of green grass begins to grow. That is, of course, if you’re not a seasonal allergy sufferer.

The nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes and throat, skin rashes, headaches and fatigue may just hamper the enjoyment that many other derive from this time of year.

So what actually is an allergic reaction? It is basically the bodies inappropriate response to substances it believes is foreign. When an antigen or foreign substance enters the body the body produces antibodies in direct response to this invader. These antibodies (referred to as immunoglobulin E or IgE) are perfect fits and combine with the antigen like a glove would fit a hand. This combination then impacts on a certain type of white blood cell called mast cells. Mast cells are predominately found in the nose, skin, lungs, and digestive tract. This antigen-antibody reaction creates a release of a substance from the mast cells called histamine. The nose, eyes and breathing passages have receptors on them specific for histamine and when it arrives the itching, sneezing, swelling etc. begin. Another substance released from the mast cells which potentially could make you as miserable as the histamine release is a substance called kinins. The kinins create production of other substances (prostaglandins, leukotrienes, bradydinins) that also create the allergic reaction.

Most sufferers will take over the counter medications due to the severe discomfort allergies can create. Unfortunately most medications have side effects such as fatigue or heart rhythm disturbances. Some of the over the counter medications can have serious side effects if combined with other medications.

There are some natural remedies that work fairly quickly with absolutely no side effects. One of the most effective remedies that I have seen over the years is a product made by Standard Process called Antronex. Discovered by Japanese researchers in the 1920’s, antronex has a strong anti-histaminic effect and is actually a special liver extract which the Japanese named Yakitron. Yakitron is the blood filtering fraction of the liver so the product quickens the detoxification of the blood in its flow through the liver. Antronex works best in an acidic gastrointestinal tract so you may also need some digestive enzymes to acidify yourself. People with the severest of allergies will usually start with three tablets up to four times a day. Within two days a significant improvement is usually noticed. If you run into sneezing attacks where you may sneeze thirty or forty times in a row try chewing three or four antronex up between sneezes. Although antronex tastes pretty bad when chewed it will usually result in an immediate cessation of the sneezing. It is quite amazing at how quickly it can work. Once the allergies are under control a lower dose of two tablets two or three times a day will usually keep the allergies well under control, however you can increase the dosage at any time and expect to get an immediate positive response. Because antronex improves the way the liver filters the blood most people will actually feel more energetic and have a clearer head.

If the antronex alone doesn’t fix your problem then you might trying adding a formula of quercitin/bromelain or quercitin combined with pycnogenols. Quercitin has been shown to significantly reduce triggering enzyme secretions and accounts for the inhibition of many inflammatory processes and is also an inhibitor of mast cell release of antihistamines.

At times one can also consider using a homeopathic remedy for the exact substance that you are allergic to. There are remedies for pollens, grasses, dust, trees, etc. and with the above two formulas should offer additional relief assuming you know exactly what you are allergic to.

If you’re a healthy energetic individual then the above formulas should do an amazing amount of good for you. If you have other health problems and these formulas offer little or no relief you need to see a health care practitioner who can evaluate and boost your immune system and improve liver detoxification and check for proper adrenal function. The adrenal production of the natural anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids have an effect in limiting the lung congestion in asthma and bronchitis.

If you have any health issues or concerns consult your health care provider before starting any supplements. Make sure these supplements are appropriate for you and you are not masking any health problems.

If you are unable to locate a store that carries antronex please call my office and we will arrange to have it shipped to you.

Dr. Silverman is a chiropractor and state certified nutritionist who has been in practice for 20 years. He has taught college level courses in holistic health and nutrition and has appeared on many TV and radio shows including the Gary Null show and News 12. He has lectured and consulted for several homeopathic and nutritional companies and has two offices, one in Hauppauge (631-724-6780) and one in Roslyn (516-484- 0776.)

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