Jane Fahey-McCloskey

I suffered from chronic sinus infections most of my adult life. The past 2 years due to environmental factors my symptoms also included ear infections and dizziness. My regular health practitioner expressed he only treats the symptoms not the cause as I was becoming frustrated with my chronic conditions. After seeking help from two ENT doctors the medicines caused hive reactions, heart palpitations, and I still had the original symptoms I was seeking help for.

A local health newsletter my husband gave me was my introduction to the alternative health practitioner and kinesiologist Dr. Silverman. I’ve always been a believer in holistic medicine and knew that traditional medicine wasn’t helping me. He helped me with my allergies to dust and mold by treating me with natural remedies and most important educated me on the causes of all my symptoms so I can maintain my health.

Dr. Silverman identified foods and external factors that weakened my body’s energy field and helped me with nutritional advice too. I no longer suffer from sinus infections, ear infections or dizziness. He also helped diagnose my daughter’s lactose intolerance and treats her with natural remedies to help improve her attention skills.

I am an educator for over 20 years and recite this quote to my students “knowledge is power.” Dr. Silverman has empowered me to maintain my health. Today is my birthday.

Thank you for the gift of health.

Jane Fahey-McCloskey

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