Applied kinesiology

Dr. Steven Silverman is an experienced health care
practitioner who utilizes Applied Kinesiology techniques.

Applied kinesiology is a muscle testing system allowing the examiner to tap into energetic disturbances and weaknesses in the body.


Applied Kinesiology is a tool that takes the guess work out of nutrition and gives immediate feedback to the practitioner as to what is needed by the body and what is harmful to the body. Used by an experienced health care practitioner, AK provides an invaluable tool to help assess the body. Dr. Silverman has been utilizing applied kinesiology for 37 years and has given seminars to health care providers teaching artful and precise muscle testing techniques.

Please see the link below to get a more in-depth explanation of Applied Kinesiology and to review scientific literature from SystemsDC. Click here to get more information on Applied Kinesiology.

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