About four months ago I developed a facial rash that covered my forehead, left cheekbone and chin. The rash was flaming red, itchy and unsightly. My left eye eventually became irritated as well. The rash disrupted my sleep and concentration. I attempted to alleviate the symptoms with hydrocortisone creams, ice packs, aloe gel and makeup for coverage.

I consulted a series of doctors including internists, a dermatologist and an allergist. I was prescribed antihistamines, told hives were idiopathic (no known cure) or the rash was caused by seasonal allergies. I was also treated with two rounds of prednisone. The rash abated, but would slowly reappear again.

Allergy skin testing indicated I was allergic to dust and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is found in hair care products, nail polish and cleaning fluids. Since the rash was close to my face I visited my local drug store to purchase all natural hair products. I spoke to a nutritionist at the store and described my plight. As a patient of Dr. Silverman she handed me his business card and led me to his website.

I secured a quick appointment and experienced kinesiology for the first time. The use of muscle resistance testing enabled him to check for food sensitivities which I have learned are negative energetic responses, that are different from allergies. Dr. Silverman ascertained that metal toxicity, specifically mercury from tuna, had caused a fungal rash. He assured me that it was not the formaldehyde or the dust that was creating my problem. I knew his diagnosis was correct because I have amended my diet over the past few years, reducing meat and eating more fish, particularly tuna. Having had no intestinal symptoms, I never connected diet to my rash.

He also used muscle testing to determine which of my skin care products and sunscreens were creating negative energetic responses. I now avoid tuna and shellfish and have been taking a variety of detox remedies. My skin rash cleared up within a week.

I think it is shocking that other doctors were unable to come through with an accurate diagnosis. In fairness, I also had treatments with an acupuncturist who suggested I refrain from eating shellfish; but the other practitioners were vague or missed the mark. I think it was very fortuitous that I was handed Dr.Silverman’s business card. I am a healthy person who had been suffering for several months and felt as if I had lost control of my body. With Dr. Silverman’s expertise I have clear skin, well being and the knowledge to avoid certain negative triggers.

Michele A. Hromada

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